Adele Rotella is an Italian designer based in United Kingdom.

Since graduating with honours in Industrial Design with a dissertation about city furniture design, she has worked for several Italian design studios. From 2006 to 2016 she worked as senior engine designer for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles adding a sound knowledge of mechanical engineering, processes, technologies and materials.

In 2007 she started to work as a freelance designer and she was selected to exhibit at Salone Satellite during Salone del Mobile in Milan, gaining great reviews from both the general public and the international press.
She later repeated such success when she returned in 2009.

She has also participated in other international exhibitions too with a selection of lamps, accessories and furniture prototypes realised with local artisans that make a dynamic and personal relation between consumer and space.

Since 2010 she has written about design, architecture, interiors, art, fashion and decoration in her own blog.




2013  |  Premio NIB Top10 Design



2012  |  Le génie des deux Siciles  |  Paris

2012  |  Il mio Magistretti  |  Milan

2012  |  Palermo Design Week  |  Palermo

2012  |  Martucci Via Design  |  Naples

2010  |  Paesaggi del design felice  |  Salerno

2010  |  Artigiani Designer, Moa Casa  |  Rome

2010  |  Design Machine, Superstudio Più  |  Milan

2009  |  Eurochocolate  |  Perugia

2009  |  Salone Satellite, Salone del Mobile  |  Milan

2008  |  DAS Design After School  |  Rome

2008  |  Abitare il Tempo  |  Verona

2007  |  Tentlondon  |  London

2007  |  Salone Satellite, Salone del Mobile  |  Milan