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I am an Italian product designer based in Coventry, UK.

After 15 years’ experience designing physical products (furniture, lights, home accessories) and very heavy stuff (engine components) I recently transitioned to the exciting world of UX Design.

For the first time in my career I am on the other side, the users’ side, and I am trying to understand how they feel when using a product/service and what I can really do to improve their experience and satisfaction.

I can confidently say I am both creative and logical, therefore learning about UX has been a sort of revelation and it represents a multidisciplinary field I really want to put my feet into, eager to continue to learn about.

With my combination of skills and knowledge I am willing to take care of the whole process of development of a product, from the concept idea to the launch on the market, and hereafter I will also make sure it provides a delightful experience for the real world users.

I am also a mum and when I shut my laptop I love spending time with my partner and my two kids. I also love cooking and trying new recipes, always starting from my Italian background.
I wish I could have more free time but these years are so precious I can’t complain!

Looking forward to the next chapter…

With a BA (Hons) in Industrial design and a university accredited Professional Diploma in UX Design, I have just landed my first role in the UX world.

I am interested in giving my contribution to a company that create digital products, products that need to be easy to use and enjoyable and get the things done; but I would also love to make an impact to a company that make physical products, products that can be touched and lived and that need to deliver a delightful experience while being used.

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