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Working with Capgemini and HMRC Live Services to deliver the best experience to individuals of all abilities
_Working in an Agile environment
_Iterating and developing user-centered design solutions, working alongside user researchers, content designers and accessibility experts
_Working towards making our services fully accessible in compliance with WCAG 2.2
_Using government prototype kit and building prototypes, using basic coding and Government Design System patterns and components
_Stakeholders management

In June 2023 my team and I won the global Google/Capgemini GenAI Hackathon with a proof of concept called AI-Reviewlution.

AI-Reviewlution is a cutting-edge solution that aggregates diverse online product or service reviews into a comprehensive, single review. This innovative tool incorporates advanced sentiment analysis and user-friendly filters, allowing individuals to tailor their reading experience. Users can focus on reviews that truly matter to them, whether positive or negative, and the platform can intelligently exclude “sponsored” or fake reviews, ensuring an authentic exploration of genuine product or service experiences.

Reach out to request a demo of AI-Reviewlution, that showcase its capabilities and how it can revolutionize the way you approach and comprehend online reviews.